About Us

Hello, and welcome to our website. My name is Stacy Comer, Owner and Lead Designer for Saforabu Graphix. You may be asking, "Why is the company's name Saforabu Graphix, and how did the name come about?" Well, it's actually a simple explanation.

Previously, this company was known as 2Peas Design. Everything was going well for a couple years, then another company named themselves Two Peas Design. After paying for a radio ad, it was realized I wasn't getting any responses. That is when I noticed the other company. Our web address was www.2peasdesign.com and theirs was www.twopeasdesign.com. (This is a great lesson learned when purchasing domains, always purchase extras that may be an alternative spelling of your main domain.) So, it was decided that a very unique name was needed so that this situation could be avoided in the future. The requirements for the new company name were originality and the domain must be available where it could be short and direct, and have the company name without alterations.

The names came and went as we searched for the domain availability. Finally, after a couple days of this, it was decided to look for outside suggestions. I turned to my wonderful sister, Stephenie, for help. After going through the same issues I was having on choosing the new name, she finally came up with one that simply made me go, "That's it! I love it!" The name was Saforabu, after my 4 dogs Sandy, Fozzie, Ralph, and Bud. Unique, with domain availability, that was the official new name of the company, Saforabu Graphix.

Saforabu Graphix offers graphic design services to both, professional businesses and individuals. We specialize in Identity (logos, business cards, letterheads), Print Media, Book Cover Design, Typesetting, Web Design, Illustrations, Flash Media, Stationary, Greeting Cards, Photo retouching, restoration, and/or manipulation, and invitations

You won't find much 'talk' on this website, other than this page. I would rather have the samples of work do the talking for me. As you can tell, I like to deal with potential and current clients personally. I believe it's much better for my visitors and my clients and their projects. So, if you're looking for a graphic design firm that believes in customer service, working for you, and is reasonable with it's prices; look no further. I can even provide you with references from past and current clients.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us. I do look forward to hearing from you.

Stacy Comer